The Mystery Party,

It's the Mystery Dinner YOU Host!

Moonlark Mysteries are innovative and exciting party kits that contain everything you need to host a mystery dinner party at your place with your friends. Your guests will dress up, assume a role, and spend the night investigating the mystery of the night. But that's just the beginning...

Moonlark is different from the other murder mystery dinners because we've worked hard to infuse the most fun and interaction into your party. So, to solve a Moonlark, your friends will also play a series of party games. Each successful round moves you closer to solving the mystery. Every failed round is a missed opportunity, and maybe the result of sabotage!

Detailed Mystery Dinner Party Themes for Every Occasion

Vigilante Vengeance

The superheroes of Metro City must answer the call to unite once again to save its citizens from the unexplained happenings plaguing the streets.

Jrock’s Prophecy

In the country of Tarth, the seemingly invincible Emperor has just been assassinated in his sleep by an unknown killer.

Monte Carlo Masquerade

On the eve of the breakout of World War II, the Nazis are exhausting massive resources to obtain supernatural and legendary artifacts from around the world.

The Pirate’s Booty

On the pirate-run island of Nassau in the Bahamas, all of the pirate's booty from the Nassau Bank has gone missing. The great pirate captains and their crews are coming together to investigate who has stolen the booty.

Pandora’s Plight

On the post-apocalyptic continent named Pandora, the last of the human species fight for survival against zombies, artificial intelligence, and nuclear fallout.

Speakeasy Swank

The North Side Mob has just been assassinated on the streets of Chicago, and now the major gangs of America must quickly discover who would dare to threaten their illicit power.

Web of Terror

The Night Terrors must band together to generate as many screams as possible and uncover the true identity of four secret spies among them . . . or face the end of Halloween as we know it.

Time Bubble Betrayal

After following the mysterious invitations of a seemingly generous host, couples from all across time find themselves guests in a special Time Bubble.

Once Upon a Mystery

Something terrible is afoot in the Fairy Forest.  Lately, all of the fairies have mysteriously disappeared without a trace.